This bench was made for a client.  The top is from a tree that holds a special place among woods for me.  As a teenager I used to cut Black Locust for firewood.  I remember it being so hard the chainsaw bar would spark.  It made the hottest fire and burned the longest, so I've always revered it as a special wood.   Even today, if I happen to come across a piece to burn, I still think to myself "this is going to be a hot fire".  That might not mean much to most people but when your only source of heat is wood, it means a lot.   When I came across this tree I knew it was special.  I'm happy to say I no longer need to burn the special pieces of wood I come across.  So about 6-7 years ago I milled this rather large Black Locust tree and have been waiting patiently to build something with it. The time has finally come. There are about 14 seven foot long pieces remaining that range in width from 14-24 inches. Approximate thickness is 1 1/2 inches, finished. 


 Black Locust bench

14 wide x 18 high x 60 inches long